Fire pumps

Fire pumps are an integral part of commercial sprinkler systems and work in tandem with fire and life safety systems to protect people, buildings, and assets in case of a fire emergency. Fire pumps are required when municipal water systems can’t provide adequate pressure to meet the demands of a building’s sprinkler system, such as in high-rise buildings.

Impact Fire provides fire pump design, installation, inspection, maintenance, and monitoring services to commercial and industrial businesses nationwide. Our fire pump specialists are well-versed in NFPA codes and local AHJ requirements across the country, ensuring fire and life safety compliance with minimal disruption to your business.

Whether you need to install a new system or schedule routine maintenance, Impact Fire is the fire protection company you can count on to ensure fire pump functionality and regulatory.

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Fire Pump Services

Fire Pump Design & Installation

Certified technicians will perform a site assessment to determine the fire pump type and configuration most suitable for your environment. Impact Fire conducts NFPA 20-compliant installations across a range of industries, including:

Fire Pump Inspection & Testing

Fire pump specialists conduct required weekly, monthly, and annual inspections to ensure peak system functionality and NFPA 25 compliance. Our technicians are OSHA-trained and can inspect all types of systems, including:

  • End suction
  • Horizontal split case
  • Vertical split case
  • Vertical in-line
  • Vertical turbine

Fire Pump Maintenance & Repair

If a routine inspection uncovers fire pump problems, trained technicians will conduct vital preventive maintenance to sustain peak performance. We can extend the life of your system and improve its reliability with maintenance services, including:

  • Repairs and component replacement
  • Diesel engine and electric motor maintenance
  • 24/7/365 rapid-response emergency services
  • Thorough reporting, including recommendations for corrective actions

Fire Pump Monitoring

With full-time central station monitoring services, your fire pump will quickly relay alarm signals and sub-optimal system performance to our UL-listed central station in a fire-related emergency. Impact Fire monitors the following fire pump alarm signals daily:

  • Alarm – Notifying system activation.
  • System Functionality – Notifying decreased performance.
  • System Disabled – Notification to reset systems.
  • Power Failure – Notifying blackout or disruption.
  • Supervisory Signals – Notifying phase reversal and component issues

Benefits Of Partnering With Fire Pump Experts

Simplified pricing

Retrofit and upgrade services

Fire and building code consulting

Service for all types of systems

Customized service plan to fit your business needs

24/7 support from a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company

Fire Pump Inspection and Maintenance Schedule

Fire Pump Inspection and Maintenance Schedule


  • Inspection of pump house for temperature, ventilation, and water collection
  • Inspection of pump system for suction and discharge, leaks, pressure gauge, and waterflow test
  • Inspection of pump operation (both diesel and electrical systems per manufacturer)
  • Inspection of steam system conditions
  • Pump operation test


  • Pump operation inspection, including no flow start and run test


  • Full flow test (diesel and electrical systems)
  • Test fire pump alarm signals
  • Full inspection of all pump equipment

Every 5 Years

  • Internal pump inspections per manufacturer recommendations

Fire Pump FAQ

1. What is a fire pump?

Fire pump systems provide a high-pressure water supply for fire sprinklers, standpipes, and other water-based fire protection systems. These pumps receive water from either an underground water supply, a lake, or reservoir, and are powered by an electric or diesel motor.

2. What are the different types of fire pumps?

There are several types of fire pumps, each with its unique strengths and applications.

  • Horizontal Split Case
  • Vertical Split Case
  • Vertical In-Line
  • Vertical Turbine
  • End suction
3. What are a few common fire pump applications?

Many commercial and industrial facilities can benefit from installing a fire pump. Here are a few common use cases:

  • Data farms
  • Industrial plants
  • High-rise buildings
  • Storage warehouses
  • Facilities with storage tanks
  • Chemical and mining operations

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