Distributed Antenna System

Impact Fire provides a one-stop solution for all your cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Emergency Responder Radio Communication System (ERRCS) needs from the initial design through installation, commissioning, annual testing, and preventative maintenance.

These crucial in-building wireless systems boost two-way radio signal coverage to meet building requirements for public safety, first responders, and cellular service. In many states and jurisdictions, these systems are required. Our certified engineers design systems that meet your coverage requirements while adhering to local building codes and fire safety regulations.

Whether you need a cellular DAS to meet growing consumer connectivity needs or an annual ERRCS inspection to meet compliance requirements, in-building DAS experts will complete your project with minimal disruption while never compromising quality.

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Distributed Antenna System Services

DAS Design and Installation

DAS experts use advanced iBwave software to design your system from the ground up, ensuring approval by the local AHJ. Engineers will design a custom solution based on your coverage environment and factors such as facility size and construction materials. Impact Fire installs cellular and public safety DAS for buildings of all types, including:

Cellular DAS Commissioning and Testing

Impact Fire will bring your system online after installation, conduct system verification tests, and optimize for peak performance. Our engineers streamline DAS deployment and ensure all commissioned systems comply with FCC and local AHJ requirements. Commissioning services include:

  • Signal balancing
  • Sweep and PIM testing
  • Acceptance test procedures
  • Coverage and traffic analysis
  • Post-build Continuous Wave (CW) testing

ERRCS Annual Testing and Recertification

Impact Fire provides annual ERRCS testing and recertification services to ensure system functionality and compliance with IFC 510.6.1, NFPA 1221, and local codes. During a yearly inspection, trained engineers will test the following components:

  • Backup power
  • Equipment alarms
  • Lightning protection
  • Pathway survivability

DAS Maintenance and Support

Certified technicians use specialized software to monitor DAS performance and provide data-driven recommendations for corrective actions. Maximize investments, minimize system downtime, and meet evolving code requirements with our robust DAS preventative maintenance services, including:

  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 responsive support
  • System health monitoring
  • Component repair and replacements

Benefits Of Partnering With In-Building DAS Experts

Fast turn-around time

In-depth site evaluation & code consultation

Pre and post-installation validation

All-in-one national system integrator

+10 years of in-building wireless experience

Certified technicians (iBwave, NICET, First Aid)

Industry-leading Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs)

Annual ERRCS Testing and Recertification Procedure

Annual ERRCS Testing and Recertification Procedure
  • Test equipment functionality
  • Verify UPS back-up meets AHJ requirements on back-up power
  • Validate P25 coverage
  • Provide current coverage reports to ensure you are meeting the required coverage for your AHJ
  • Ensure a proper solution for your current situation

Distributed Antenna System Maintenance Schedule

 Distributed Antenna System Maintenance Schedule

Every Year

  • A coverage check via a walkthrough of your facility, providing a confirmation letter to your local AHJ that the building meets current standards

Every Five Years

  • A coverage check and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) run time analysis
  • Full grid report to the local AHJ
  • A coverage verification letter communicating your building is covered and up to today’s standards

Distributed Antenna System FAQ

1. What is a Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS)?

A cellular DAS is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes and amplifiers that enhance wireless service throughout a geographic area. With cellular DAS, wireless signals from outside the building can be distributed to inside areas that otherwise would have no coverage or poor reception. 

This solution is often used for large commercial buildings, universities, hospitals, and other large, densely populated areas.

2. Does My Building Need an ERRCS?

ERRCS or public safety DAS support and supply radio signals to first responders for emergency communications. NFPA requires 99% radio coverage in critical areas such as basements, stairwells, and garages in commercial buildings, including:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Stadiums and retail centers
  • Hotels and hospitality venues
  • High-rise and Multi-use properties
3. What is an ERRCS Annual Inspection, and Why is it Important?

ERRCS annual inspections detect equipment, coverage, and interference issues within the system. During the inspection, an engineer or technician visits each antenna location within the building to check for power, signal levels, coverage patterns, and any physical damage.

Annual inspections are critical because they provide a comprehensive review of the ERRCS, ensuring all components are operational and code compliant. Building owners need a compliant ERRCS as a prerequisite for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO).

4. What are the Building Codes I Need to Know?

Building owners must follow three codes – IFC, NFPA, FCC – to meet the standards for installing, maintaining, and using public safety DAS or BDA systems. These codes are updated every few years and enforced by local AHJs.

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