Safeguard Your Property and Tenants with a Reliable End-to-End Fire Protection System

Fire and Life Safety Services for Property Management

Keeping tenants delighted is a full-time job. Property managers need to focus their time on tenant happiness, while also providing a safe environment for tenants to live. We understand that as property managers, your reputation depends on the vendors and partners that you work with.

With over a decade of accumulated knowledge and expertise, Impact Fire is a recognized industry leader in property management fire protection services. Our licensed technicians ensure fire and life safety compliance with minimal disruption to your business. Our complete suite of fire protection services includes design, installation, maintenance, inspection, repair, and monitoring of all your fire and life safety systems.

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Experienced and responsive technicians work to develop and implement comprehensive preventative maintenance (PM) strategies tailored to your building, ensuring properties remain in compliance and are ready for fire and life safety emergencies if and when they occur.

From backflow devices and portable fire extinguishers to fire alarms and fire sprinklers, our experienced technicians have the training and background to effectively manage your property, regardless of facility specifications and system complexities.

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Minimize property damage and maintain regulatory compliance with our complete suite of reliable fire protection services

Value Proposition


  • Advanced planning for inspections to provide property managers and tenants with sufficient notice of services
  • Mobile technology to provide up-to-date reporting from our technicians
  • Emergency service 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Customized service plan to fit your business needs
  • Single point of contact for all fire and life safety systems
  • Detailed reporting that enables you to make informed decisions
  • Licensed technicians fluent in NFPA standards, ensuring deep expertise
  • Intelligent remote monitoring technology for advanced real-time reporting and analysis
  • Remain AHJ compliant with consistent and proactive preventative maintenance

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